Custom Tailoring


Since he opened his very first tailor shop, Andrei, a former military personnel himself, has been fascinated by Canadian military uniforms. To produce a uniform with strict adherence to specifications while accommodating different body sizes and conformations was a challenge which just had to be overtaken.


With tailoring facilities and service agents across Canada, Andrei Master Tailors provides custom law enforcement garments with an unmatched level of fit, quality and service. All Mess Dress, Full Dress, Duty and Band uniforms are hand-made by Master Tailors, one at a time, to meet all specifications and exceed your expectations. We service police forces large and small.


Whether your field of work is in hospitality, EMS, judiciary, or transport such as airlines, they are but a few of the professions in which our company is specialized.


Andrei Master Tailors can create Scottish garments and attire of the highest quality, with expert attention to traditional details. Our clients include Pipe and Drum bands, Scottish Regiments, Scottish colleges, and Highland Games athletes.


We have the expertise to interpret and follow technical specifications for historical reproductions and any other garment that requires a high level of knowledge and attention to detail.