About Us

Our History

As one of Canada’s premier tailor shops, Andrei Master Tailors has acquired a remarkable reputation for its quality garments and excellent service. The company was established in 1989, just one year after its founder, Andrei, a second generation tailor with a wealthy knowledge of the tailoring trade, arrived in Canada. Through the years, Andrei has expanded and diversified but has not lost sight of his original goal; to design, manufacture and provide high quality garments.

Our Experience

Our expertise draws from the high level of tailoring skills, possessed by master tailors. In fact, we most likely have more European-trained master tailors on staff than any other tailoring facility in Canada. We take the time-honoured traditional tailoring trade to produce our garments by hand, one at a time, ensuring to satisfy the needs of our customers right down to the last detail and specification.

Our Mission

At Andrei Master Tailors, we draw from the time-honoured and proud tradition of Master Tailors and that is reflected in the garments we produce. Each garment is tailored in-house by one of our professionally trained Master Tailors and careful attention is given to value for our customers. This value is evidenced by the personal service we provide but also by the crisp, perfectly fitted and long life of our garments.

Our Vision

A modern world where professionally fitted garments are sought to convey pride and professionalism.